Rebuilding and Modification SERVICES

If you rebuild it… It will Run!

We can either rebuild your current carburetor or locate one to suit your needs. We can build one for your daily driver, classic restoration, hot rod, show car, race car, boat, motorcycle, lawn mower. If it has a carburetor we will fix it.

Daily Driver Rebuilds | Full Restorations | Carburetor Modifications

Daily Driver Rebuild:

  • Carburetor stripped down to bare casing
  • All parts and passages are inspected for wear or damage
  • All metal parts cleaned
  • Rebuilt with modern upgraded parts to handle today’s fuels; including gaskets, accelerator pump, and float.
  • Will re-bush throttle shaft if needed and able.
  • Finish is either left neutral or given a coat of high temp engine enamel (color choice optional)


Full Restoration:

  • All of the above plus……
  • Finish is restored to factory finish.
  • The body is plated in the correct dichromate finish.
  • Aluminum pieces cleaned and brightened
  • Iron pieces either sandblasted or blackened.
  • All screws and linkages are re-plated to original appearance.

We also offer powder coating for that special project, hot rod, or show car with many colors to choose from.


Carb Modification Services:

  • Air horn milling (increased air flow)
  • Metering Block Modification (for performance)
  • Booster Swaps (increase signal strength)
  • Re-jetting (increased power)
  • Custom build carb to your engine specs
  • Blow through carburetors
  • E85 and alcohol conversions
  • And more

We work on Rochester, Holley, Carter, Edelbrock, Mikuni, Stromberg, Motorcraft, Zenith, Aisan, and SU carburetors. We also do multi carb set ups so if you need a tri power, dual quad, 3x2, 2x4, 2x2, 3x1, 6x2……whatever you need we can build it.


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